— Use function notation
— Create graphs in the coordinate plane
— Solve for a Variable
— Determine the domain of a function


— Factor Polynomials
— Execute various methods to write quadratics in factored form
— Solve quadratic equations and inequalities
— Graph Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
— Transform Quadratics and express the transformation using function notation
— Characteristics of Quadratics
— Solve and Model application problems involving quadratic equations

Multiplying polynomials

GCF factoring

Trinomial factoring simple

Trinomial factoring a not 1

Difference of squares

Solve quadratics by factoring

Solve quadratics by square roots

Solve quadratics by completing the square

Solve application problems involving quadratics

Graph quadratics in vertex form

Changing from standard form to vertex form

Graph quadratics in standard form

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